Michael Amott


The ZOOM G1 has been a part of my pre-show warm up ritual and my practice routine at home for some time now, so when the people at ZOOM approached me with the exciting opportunity to make my own signature edition of the G1 I was very honored!
What I've done here is basically emulate some of the tones that I use (or have used in the past) in the studio, or live on stage. My musical journey has taken me on a path that has required a wide array of guitar sounds, using a variety of amplifiers and expensive effect pedals and units. With the G1M I can now just dial in a sound for practice that takes me to a place sonically that will trigger and enhance my creativity - and hopefully yours too!
I had great time making the patches, I hope you will enjoy my signature G1M tones and also making your own 40 signature tones! It's fun and easy - thanks ZOOM!

The G9.2tt unit has been a great tool in the pre-production phase of our new album "Rise Of The Tyrant". The amp sounds are cool and convincing, we got great tones on our demos! Thanks ZOOM!

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