G3 / G3X

G3 / G3X


When I use the G3 connected to a guitar amp, high frequencies are exaggerated and the sound is painful.
Can I use multiple amp models at the same time?
Is it possible to output the effected sound and the original guitar sound at the same time?
Is there a pickup selection function?
The volume levels of programmed patches are different. How do I make them the same?
When changing patches, is it possible to not change the sound until after I have confirmed it?
When I use distortion effects, the noise increases.
If I connect an FS01 foot switch, which is sold separately, what will I be able to do with it?
Is it possible to use a foot switch to tap the tempo used for delay times and modulation rates?
If I connect an FP02 expression pedal, which is sold separately, what will I be able to do with it?
Can I control multiple effects at the same time with an FP02 expression pedal, which is sold separately?
When using an expression pedal to control volume, can I set the minimum volume?
Can I use three instances of the same effect simultaneously?
Is it possible to restore just one specific effect patch to its factory default?


Please tell me what operating systems are supported for using the G3 as a USB audio interface.
What are the specifications of the USB audio interface?
Can the G3 USB audio interface be used with DAW software other than Sequel LE?
I am able to use the USB audio interface to record, but no sound comes out of my computer speakers. What should I do?
When I record to DAW software using the G3 USB audio interface, it sounds like a flanger effect is being added.
Can I adjust the recording level sent to my DAW software?
Can the G3 run on USB bus power?
Is a USB cable included?

Other Topics

Can I use the looper function and the rhythm function at the same time?
When using the looper function, can I UNDO/REDO with a foot switch?
How do I activate Sequel LE?
“Standby...”appears blinking on the display and sound stops being output.
Is it possible to adjust the volume when monitoring the output of the G3 using headphones?
Can I save the rhythm pattern, tempo and level settings?
Is there any problem with using an AC adapter or USB bus power to operate the G3 while batteries are still in it?
“Low Battery!” appears on the display. What should I do?
Can I use nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries?
Does the G3 recharge batteries?
Does the G3 have an AUX IN jack to allow the connection of MP3 players and other devices?