How long is the recording time provided by the H4n?
Can the virtual take function be used in MTR mode?
I would like to import files recorded in STEREO mode into a project in MTR mode, but I cannot select them as playback files.
Is it possible to import a WAV file created on a computer to the H4n and overdub it with another part such as guitar, bass, or vocal?
Is it possible to record on four tracks simultaneously in MTR mode?
Can the recording level set automatically with REC LEVEL AUTO be memorized?
Is recording in MP3 format supported in 4CH mode, MTR mode, and STAMINA mode?
Is monaural recording possible?
If the SD card runs out of space while recording is in progress, will the audio data captured so far be lost?
I cannot start recording in MTR mode.
I recorded a band performance with the built-in microphone and set the recording level properly, but the recording sounds distorted.
What is the maximum sound pressure level for the built-in microphone?
Does the unit have a REC Pause function to temporarily pause recording?
Is it possible to perform long-term recording that exceeds the maximum WAV file size (2 GB)?

SD Cards

Can I use SDHC type memory cards?
Which SD/SDHC cards can be used with the H4n?
Is the H4n compatible with SD cards used in the H2/H4 models?


I want to use the H4n as an SD card reader, but the computer does not recognize the unit.
I want to use the H4n as an audio interface, but the computer does not recognize the unit.
The indication "USB AUDIO I/F" is shown on the screen of the H4n, but the Windows computer does not recognize the unit.
Can the audio interface functions of the H4n also be used with software other than Cubase LE 4?
I can record using the USB audio interface function, but there is no sound from the speakers of the computer.
Does the unit support the 64-bit version of Windows Vista and Windows 7?
When using the H4n as an audio interface for my laptop computer, sound won't come out or noise problems occur.

Other Topics

Can I use nickel-hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries in the H4n?
Can I use a plug-in power type stereo condenser mic with the H4n?
Can I send data recorded in MTR mode as an e-mail attachment?
A WAV file recorded with 24-bit/96 kHz sampling cannot be played on my computer.
Does the H4n have audio editing capability?
Does the H4n have a time stamp function for recorded files?
Is it possible to use the built-in effects on a track after recording?
What are the combined XLR/phone input connectors?
Does the H4n have a key locking function to prevent operation errors during recording?
I want to use the normalizing function, but there is no "NORMALIZE" command on the FILE menu screen.
The "TOOL", "USB", and "MODE" options are not shown on the menu screen. Also, pressing the [SPEED] key or [WAV/MP3 key] has no effect.
Can I add a mark to a WAV file after the recording is completed?
Can I locate a mark point using the unit?