How long is the maximum continuous recording time?
I want to record stereo source to any 2 tracks. However, recorded result is mono.
I have used the bounce function to record material onto stereo track, but during playback only one channel is heard.


Although the fader volume is increased, I cannot hear the sound.

Rhythm Machine

After I executed "All Initialize" command in the HDD maintenance function, it is no sound on drum kit and all effect patches became "EMPTY".
Does the unit include a bass sound source?

Phrase Loop

Is it possible to read loop sound through internal CD drive and use it for phrase loop function from loop corrections CDs?
Can the phrase loop function handle the data that was recorded by 32kHz sampling?
I have the MRS-802 that was installed UIB-01/UIB-02 USB interface. Can I use WAV/AIFF files on my computer for the phrase loop function?
When I try ripping a loop phrase from audio CD, "PROTECT" warning is displayed and I cannot do ripping.


The indication "NO DATA" appears on the display, when attempting to create an audio CD.
How fast is the writing speed of the CD-R/RW drive?
Is ripping possible from audio CD?
My CD player do not playback CD-R/RW that was made by the MRS-802 internal CD-R/RW drive.
Can I install versatile CD/R-RW drive other than "CD-01/02" on the MRS-802?
The MRS-802 cannot read WAVE/AIFF file that is saved by CD-R drive on a PC.
After writing audio data to a CD-R, the attempt to finalize the disc results in the error message "NOT CD-R".


MIDI synchronization is not working with other equipment.
Is it possible to record sequence data from MIDI IN to Rhythm Song of the MRS-802?


Is the UIB-01 USB interface supported on the MRS-802?
What is difference between the UIB-01 and UIB-02?
Does the MRS-802 can be connected to Macintosh through USB interface?
Which operating system does the UIB-01 (USB interface) support?
Which operating system does the UIB-02 (USB interface) support?
When I try to install UIB-01/UIB-02 driver to Windows XP, warning massage appears.
What does USB interface allow to?
I installed the UIB-01 USB interface and tried to transfer the data to my computer by using Audio File Manager software. However, data in the MRS-802 is not displayed.
Using Audio File Manager for Windows, I cannot succeed in converting over 200 minutes size V-take to WAV format.

Other Topics

The MRS-802 does not recognize the project folders, although the computer recognizes those folders of the MRS-802 in USB mode.
Is the SIB-01 SCSI interface supported on the MRS-802?
Is there data compatibility with other MRS series?
Even though I tried to execute "Recover" or "Ver up" with the supplied CD-ROM, I cannot enter the menu of the "HDD maintenance" function.
When I turn power on to start the MRS-802, the indication "Sys File Error" appears and the unit freezes.
When I turn power on to start the MRS-802, the indication "Ver.x.xx" appears and the unit freezes.
When I turn power on to start the MRS-802, the indication "Int HDD Error" appears and the unit freezes.
When I locate a marker point using the measure/beat/tick indication, the position is shifted by several ticks.