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For Immediate Release

F8 Firmware Update (v3.00)


System version 3.00 for the Zoom F8 has been released. The firmware update includes the following :


  • Monitoring input signals of specific tracks without recording
  • Saving multiple settings for signals sent to headphone output (Headphone Routing)
  • Setting the keys beind held (Key Hold Target)
  • Backing up and loading F8 settings (Backup/Load Settings)
  • Setting the level meter reference (Reference Level)
  • Showing total recording time during long recording periods (Time Counter)
  • Using F-Control as a controller (Connect)
  • Setting the type of keyboard connected to F-Control (Keyboard Type)
  • Setting user keys for F-Control (User Key)
  • Setting the power supply used by the F-Control (Power Source)
  • Setting the F-Control LED brightness (LED Brightness)


Download the latest F8 firmware


For directions on how to update the firmware, please refer to page 128 of the F8 operation manual.


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