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For Immediate Release

A1 FOUR Patches for Harmonica, Created by Koei Tanaka

For users of the A1 FOUR and A1X FOUR, Zoom Guitar Lab offers new preset patches for Harmonica, created by Koei TANAKA.

Koei TANAKA is a pioneer of Japanese jazz harmonica player, and leading international harmonica player in Asian jazz/blues harmonica scene. He started to play the harmonica at his age of 15 with 10-hole diatonic harmonica. Since then, until his age of the middle of 20's he played mainly blues and R&B. After that, he mastered chromatic harmonica and started to play jazz and to write original pieces. His outstanding playing style come from to play two types of harmonica (diatonic and chromatic) and to play broader musical style. Especially his remarkably soulful, delicate and mellow tones and deep expression are acclaimed from world's harmonica scene. He also plays on the stage of the SPAH (The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) in the United States as well as Asian countries, etc. every year.



  • Hm Blsette - This natural sound for harmonica uses Hm Preamp.
  • Hm Mellow - This harmonica sound uses Hm A.Wah for a mellow mood.
  • Hm ChrmDRV - This thick and warm overdrive sound for chromatic harmonicas uses Hm Chorus and TS Drive.
  • Hm FunkOct - This funky harmonica sound uses Dual Pitch and BassA-Wah.
  • Hm 545&TWD - This blues rock sound for diatonic harmonicas simulates the Shure 545SD with Hm GEQ.




New Preset Patches available for download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software.



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