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For Immediate Release

Software Update: V1.1 for ZOOM Ambisonics Player

ZOOM Ambisonics Player version 1.1 has been released. This update includes the following:


Function Update

  • Supports Ambisonics files recorded by F8n/F8/F4.


Bug Fixes

  • Ambisonic Correction Filter Button is disabled when playback file is already filtered.
  • Track information of metadata is not updated correctly when converting files to "Ambisonics B", "Stereo", "Binaural Stereo", or "5.1 Surround".
  • Other display bug fixes.


Download the latest ZOOM Ambosonics Player for Windows (ZIP / 10.0MB)

Download the latest ZOOM Ambosonics Player for Mac (ZIP / 4.5MB)


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