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For Immediate Release

Optional Accessories for F1 Field Recorder

We are pleased to introduce a series of optional accessories for the F1 field recorder as follows.

  • APF-1 Accessory Pack for F1
  • SMF-1 Shock Mount for F1/DSLR
  • SMC-1 Stereo Mini Cable for F1/DSLR
  • BCF-1 Belt Clip for F1
  • LMF-2 Lavalier Mic for F1
  • MCL-1 Mic Clip for Lavalier Mic
  • WSL-1 Windscreen for Lavalier Mic
  • WSS-6 Windscreen for Shotgun Mic


APF-1 Accessory Pack for F1

SMF-1 Shock Mount for F1/DSLR

SMC-1 Stereo Mini Cable for F1/DSLR

BCF-1 Belt Clip for F1

LMF-2 Lavalier Mic for F1

MCL-1 Mic Clip for Lavalier Mic

WSL-1 Windscreen for Lavalier Mic

WSS-6 Windscreen for Shotgun Mic



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