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For Immediate Release

Firmware Update: V5.0 for F8

We are pleased to announce the F8 v5.0 Firmware update.  For existing users of the F8, this update will add some key functionality found in the new F8n.


  • Advanced Look-Ahead Hybrid Limiters
  • Zoom AutoMix™ function
  • Improved TC accuracy when powered off
  • Digital Boost for headphone monitor (up to +24dB)
  • Selectable headphone Volume Curve
  • New "Fader Mode" view for home screen
  • Maximum fader level increased from +12dB to +24dB
  • F8 Control iOS app can now work together with FRC-8
  • Ability to record to SD card and USB Audio Interface simultaneously


Download the F8 v5.0 Firmware Update


For directions on how to update the firmware, please refer to page 182 of the F8 operation manual.


For F8n vs F8 v5.0 feature comparison, please refer to the PDF document.


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