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About compatibility with Mac OS X El Capitan (v10.11)

As of December 10th, our product's compatibility information with Mac OS X El Capitan is as follows.


Yes: Compatible / No: Cannot work


Multi-Track Field Recorder
F8: Yes


Handy Recorder
H6: Yes
H5: Yes
H4n: Yes
H2n: Yes
H1: Yes


Audio Converter
TAC-8: Yes
TAC-2R: Yes
TAC-2: Yes
UAC-8: Yes (Latest driver is required.)
UAC-2: Yes (Latest driver is required.)


Multi-Track Recorder
R24: Yes (Latest driver is required.)
R16: Yes (Latest driver is required.)
R8: Yes


Handy Video Recorder
Q8: Yes (Latest driver is required.)
Q4n: Yes
Q4: Yes (Latest driver is required.)
Q3HD: Yes
Q3: Yes
Q2HD: Yes (Latest driver is required.)


Guitar Effects
G5: Yes
G3/G3X: Yes
G2Nu/G2.1Nu: Yes
G2.1u: Yes
G1u: Yes (ZFX TOOLS cannot work)


Bass Effects
B3: Yes
B2.1u: Yes


TAC-2 MixEfx: Yes
TAC-8 MixEfx: Yes
UAC-2 MixEfx: Yes
UAC-8 MixEfx: Yes
HandyShare: Yes
Edit&Share: Yes
MS Decoder: Yes


We'll keep you updated with latest information.


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