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New Product: Zoom AC-2 Acoustic Creator


Zoom’s New AC-2 Acoustic Creator Brings Natural Sound to Live Performances and Recording Sessions

New, enhanced DI device gives acoustic-electric guitarists control over their desired tone. 

May 18, 2017 — Zoom Corporation today unveiled the new AC-2 Acoustic Creator, an enhanced direct box that offers exceptional sound remodeling for performance and recording. The AC-2 automatically restores tone that’s lost when an acoustic-electric guitar is connected to PA, amp, or recording interface, giving guitarists complete control over their  sound.

Designed with a musician’s workflow in mind, the AC-2 offers the essential tools a guitarist needs to deliver great performances. With 16 source guitar presets such as dreadnought, acoustic upright bass, and 12 strings, the AC-2 simulates the sonic characteristics of various guitar shapes and sizes to restore natural sound lost through acoustic pickups. There’s also a specially-designed, high-quality acoustic preamp that can be used with piezoelectric, magnetic, and passive pickups. The preamp itself offers a number of key features including 3-band EQ and a super-low noise floor.

The AC-2 also includes an anti-feedback function which eliminates feedback during performances. Additionally, its boost function can reduce volume differences in fingerpicking, strumming chords, and other guitar playing techniques.

The AC-2’s intuitive design — which includes direct box, EQ, basic reverb, and boost — lets guitarists make easy adjustments for their desired settings. Its compact size makes it simple to take it to any venue, rehearsal, recording session, or gig. 




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