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New Product: Zoom B3n Multi-Effects Processor


Zoom’s New B3n Multi-Effects Processor Offers Bassists Authentic Emulations and a Versatile Pedalboard Experience

New multi-effects processor offers realistic effect, amp, and cabinet emulators in a compact, intuitive design

January 18, 2017 — Zoom Corporation today unveiled the new B3n Multi-Effects Processor, a bass guitar pedal that offers a wealth of realistic stompbox, amplifier, and cabinet emulations, as well as an intuitive editing experience. With the B3n, bassists can create a wide range of original sounds and explore new performance possibilities.

The B3n comes with all the effects and emulators a bassist could want, including 67 DSP stompbox effects and 10 of the most realistic bass amp and cabinet emulators you'll find in a pedal at this price point. Bassists can chain up to seven effects simultaneously, in any order they like. Plus, they can store up to 150 custom effects as patches for instant recall.  The B3n is also equipped with 68 built-in rhythm patterns, an 80-second looper, and a chromatic tuner, all of which make it the perfect tool for practicing and performing.

The B3n is sleek and compact with essential inputs and outputs for easy integration into any live performance or studio rig. Three independent LCD screens let bassists see their entire effects chain at a glance, and its tactile knobs and switches offer enhanced control over adding, editing, deleting, or changing the order of effects.

The B3n includes free Zoom Guitar Lab software which lets bassists manage new patches as well as download effects and amp/cabinet simulators. 

The Zoom B3n will be available in stores March 2017. 


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