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Q2n recommended batteries and writing speed of the SD card

Recommended batteries: 

To extend continuous shooting time, following batteries are recommended.

Alkaline batteries

  • Panasonic EVOLTA
  • Maxell VOLTAGE
  • FUJITSU HighPower
  • Energizer eco advanced
  • Energizer MAX

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries

  • Panasonic eneloop

You may also use other suitable batteries for digital cameras and charging smartphones that can supply large current continuously.

If you use batteries other than the above, the power may be shut down in about 40 minutes. 


Writing speed of the SD card:
When you record to a micro SD card with slow writing speed, recording may be stopped and then the power will be shut down automatically. Please be sure to use a recommended micro SD card with operation confirmed.



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