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For Immediate Release

Q8 Firmware V2.0 Update

Q8 Firmware Version 2.0 has been released for the Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder and includes the following:

The Q8’s “Scene” settings within the “CAMERA” menu allow the user to adjust and optimize the camera’s visual brightness and tone for various lighting conditions. In addition to the three current Scene settings (Auto, Concert Lighting, and Night), eight new Scene settings have been added.


< Ver. 2.0 Additional Scene Settings >

Concert-Low Light
Suitable adjustments are made for small concert halls and other dim lighting conditions

Dance Club
Suitable adjustments are made for dance clubs and other venues where the lighting changes drastically

Jazz Club
Suitable adjustments are made for jazz clubs and similar venues

Concert Hall
Suitable adjustments are made for classical concerts, recitals, and similar performance conditions

Rehearsal Studio
Suitable adjustments are made for recording and rehearsal studios

Suitable adjustments are made for band performances in a garage

Adjustments are optimized for outdoor recording

Adjustments are optimized for sunset scenes


Download the latest Q8 firmware

Download the Version 2.0 Supplementary Manual (PDF)




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