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PCF-4 Protective Case for F4 / F8 / F8n

If you record with a Zoom F4F8  or F8n and need an easy way to carry it with your other gear, then the PCF-4 Protective Case is an essential for you to have in the field. Durable and lightweight, this water-resistant protective case is suitable for any indoor or outdoor environment. It offers top, side, and bottom access to the unit as well as a clear-windowed top cover so you can monitor the recorder’s screen in all production conditions.

The PCF-4 case includes two separate compartments—one for your field recorder and another for small accessories. Protective sleeves with velcro fasteners on each side make it easy to access the unit's input and output cables while also protecting them from rain, dust, and other elements. And to ensure the recorder sits properly within the case, the PCF-4 includes velcro straps that fasten around the bottom of the unit.

Two latch hooks on each side of the case as well as a padded, adjustable shoulder strap allow you to customize the case to your personal carrying needs. The strap itself is removable so you can switch between carrying options.

The PCF-4 is perfect for filmmakers, location sound recordists, and sound designers who prefer to travel to locations with less bulk and fewer pieces of gear. 

This protection/production case is custom made for the
Zoom F4, F8 and F8n MultiTrack Field Recorders. It includes:

  • Side openings for XLR/TRS cable input and protection
  • Detachable, water-resistant cover with clear window for
    visual monitoring, plus inlay opening for personal notes
  • Adjustable strap and shoulder pad combined with two latch
    hooks per side for a custom carry position
  • Two inside compartments for holding the recorder and
    its accessories
  • Bottom panel access to rear of F4, F8 and F8n units
    (BNC Time Codeconnectors, removable AA battery
    pack, and ZOOM mic capsule input)



Zoom PCF-4: Top
Zoom PCF-4: Top Full
Zoom PCF-4: Overhead
Zoom PCF-4: Bottom Closed
Zoom PCF-4: Bottom Open